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Nine ways you can try to save your small business post COVID-19.

The majority think they will be able to reopen by the end of 2020, but others are less certain. Small businesses disagree, a lot, about how long the crisis will last. Small businesses needs business continuity management, adaptation to technology and talent retention

Fintech won’t drain money away from banks, regulators say

The rise of fintech won't threaten the existence of banks and it is the responsibility of authorities to make sure that traditional lenders are prepared for changes in their industry, policymakers and regulators said on Thursday.

Google’s next A.I. research center will be in Africa

The Silicon Valley giant has said that a new artificial intelligence research hub will open in Accra, Ghana, later this year.

African countries warned against becoming a ‘fortress’ for trade by WTO

Recent progress made by African nations towards establishing the world’s largest free trade area was backed Monday by the director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Cities around the world should prepare for running out of water, experts say

Cape Town's recent water shortage crisis has raised global concern about the threat of water scarcity.

South Africa’s economic chief hints at privatization drive

A key figure in charge of South Africa's economy has hinted at his appetite for privatizing the country's ailing state-owned enterprises (SOEs)