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The Musk Method: Learn from partners, then go it alone

“Elon doesn’t want any part of his business to be dependent on someone else,” said one former senior executive at Tesla who declined to be named. “And for better or worse - sometimes better, sometimes worse - he thinks he can do it better, faster and cheaper.”

Tesla retreats for third day as investors cash in on gains

Meanwhile, Edinburgh-based Baillie Gifford told Herald Scotland the investment firm remains a “strong supporter” of Tesla, but had to sell its passive stake due to norms that limit the weight of a stock in clients’ portfolios.

South African born Elon Musk’s net worth tops $100 billion: Forbes

A large chunk of his wealth comes from the 21% stake in Tesla, according to Forbes. Tesla shares, which went public at $17 a piece in 2010, rose as much as 3.5% in morning trade to a record high of $2,318.49.

Maye Musk on her new book, the secret to good health & what it takes to raise a billionaire

Maye Musk is Canadian–South African model and dietician, and the mother of CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk. She became an international supermodel and speaker in her sixties. She speaks about her life as described in her book: A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a lifetime of adventure, beauty, and success....

How Tesla and Elon Musk defined a new era for the global auto industry

That investment gave Mercedes engineers an inside view of how Musk was willing to launch technology that wasn’t perfect, and then repeatedly upgrade it, using smartphone style over-the-air updates, paying little regard to early profitability.

African raised Elon Musk qualifies for $2.1 billion payday

ach tranche gives Musk the option to buy 1.69 million Tesla shares at $350.02 each, less than a quarter of their current price. At Tesla’s current stock price of $1,594, Musk would theoretically be able to sell the shares related to the tranche that vested in May and the current tranche for a combined profit of $4.2 billion, or almost $2.1 billion per tranche.

Profit or not? Analysts divided ahead of African born Elon Musk’s Tesla second-quarter results

Some analysts have said that failing to reach that goal could send Tesla shares plummeting after they surged more than 275% so far this year.

African born Elon Musk’s Tesla share rally propels early fan investors to riches

Retail investors around the world, staunch believers in the company's mission to lead the auto industry into a battery-powered future, have invested their personal money, and at times their parents' retirement funds, in Tesla and reaped handsome rewards