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Zimbabwe to repeal empowerment law, what you need to know

Zimbabwe will repeal its indigenisation and economic empowerment legislation dealing with ownership of foreign-controlled companies and replace it with a new empowerment law, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said on Thursday.

Zimbabwe’s tourism minister has been detained, here’s why

Mupfumira, a senior member of the ruling ZANU-PF party, was previously labour minister who oversaw the $1 billion state pension fund. He has been detained for questioning by a newly formed...

Zimbabwe increases fuel prices again, what you need to know

Zimbabwe hiked fuel prices on Monday for the second time in a week but most pumps remained dry, with no end in sight to shortages that are helping drive inflation.

George Guvamatanga on why Zimbabwe’s economy is turning the corner

Ministry of finance permanent secretary George Guvamatanga joins CNBC Africa to talk about what the government is doing to turn around the country’s economic fortunes.

Labour group in Zimbabwe threatens protests over ban on foreign currencies

Zimbabwe’s largest labour body on Tuesday threatened protests over the government’s decision to ban the use of foreign currencies and make the interim currency the sole legal tender.

Zimbabwe to have new currency by end of 2019 – Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe must have a new currency by the end of the year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said

What you need to know about Zimbabwe and EU’s political talks to ease tensions created in Mugabe-era

Zimbabwe and the European Union began political talks on Wednesday aimed at turning the page on hostile relations during Robert Mugabe’s rule.

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa meets business leaders over economic crisis

As the economy of Zimbabwe struggles its president Emmerson Mnangagwa met this week with a group of entrepreneurs at State House in Harare to discuss a possible way out of the crisis. For more on the outcome of the meeting CNBC Africa is joined by an Entrepreneur Chad Chawanda, CEO of Size Chunk.