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Up to 1,000 people set to lose jobs in Kenya’s floral sector

In what is turning out to be a tough year, over 1,000 Kenyan employees are set to become jobless before the end of the year. Multi-national flower firm, Finlays Kenya has announced that it will be closing down its two farms in Kericho County which currently employs hundreds of Kenyans as casual labourers among other tasks. CEO of Kenya Flower Council, Clement Tulezi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Suzy Welch: Why working from home can be terrible for your career

The flexibility to work remotely is a perk many workers dream of having. But according to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, working from the comfort of your home or coffee shop can easily become “a career killer.”

Op-Ed: 85% of your workforce isn’t engaged at work. What now?

Employee engagement starts at the top and leaders need to invest in a culture of engagement and growth.

OpEd: What employers need to know about cannabis in the workplace

What does cannabis mean for occupational health and safety in the workplace?

How Continental Tyre’s values are creating value

For Continental Tyre, it is critical for its employees to know and understand how wealth is created and distributed.

This is what SA’s constitution says about social media

This is what SA’s constitution says about social media

Barclays sells Zimbabwe bank to Malawi’s First Merchant

Barclays announced the sale of its Zimbabwe bank to Malawi-listed First Merchant Bank on Friday as the British lender continues its exit from Africa.

Nigeria orders developers in Niger Delta to resume work within 30 days

Nigeria has given contractors 30 days to resume delayed development projects in the Niger Delta oil region or face prosecution, the presidency said on Tuesday. The government has been trying to build new...