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InvesTong CEO on how to leverage technology to spur entrepreneurship

More than half of South Africa's youth don't have a job. Government has been trying to fix youth unemployment, but with little success. Danny Tong, CEO of InvesTong Group joins CNBC Africa for more.

Transform Africa Summit to inspire African girls in tech with MS Geek Africa

MS Geek Africa, an entrepreneurship competition with the aim of attracting more girls to tech will be happening at the Transform Africa Summit in Conakry, Guinea. Joining CNBC Africa for more on the competition is Vanessa Umutoni, Vice President of Girls in ICT Rwanda.

This blockchain platform aims to bridge funding gap, facilitate financing for businesses

East Africa is the hub of entrepreneurship, at least going by the World Economic Forum's latest report but access to finance is still the biggest challenge for many start-ups in the region. CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera spoke to Abraham Banadawa, Founder of Utilis Ventures, a block chain based funding platform trying to find a solution to this.

Anu Shah of EFI Hub on how new entrepreneurship initiative can help spur gender parity in Africa

In efforts to improve gender parity on the continent, a new initiative focused on entrepreneurship has been shortlisted for roll out. If all goes as expected, the initiative is set to impact the lives of 3 million women in Africa and Asia. Anu Shah, CEO of EFI Hub joins CNBC Africa for more.

African Economic Conference: Hanan Morsy on how to build capacity development for African youths

The theme of this year's African Economic Conference focuses on jobs, entrepreneurship and capacity development for African youths. This was jointly organised by African Development Bank (AfDB), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Hanan Morsy, Director for Macroeconomic Forecasting and Research at AfDB joins CNBC Africa to discuss the ways to build capacity development for African youths.

Captains of Industry: In conversation with the world’s first ever AI minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama

CNBC Africa talks to the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama about how new technology can increase knowledge and help prevent car accidents.

Kevin Mbundu on agriculture, coffee, his entrepreneurship journey

Many people have come forward stating that entrepreneurship is the only solution for the rising rates of unemployment. Kevin Mbundu, Founder of Kivu Noir Coffee joins CNBC Africa to share his journey in the agriculture sector.

Billionaire Mark Cuban: This is the ‘biggest mistake’ people make when starting a business

Tech billionaire Mark Cuban, who told Ryan Seacrest the “biggest mistake” an entrepreneur can make when launching a new business.