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Op-Ed: Anchor Capital on how to make money out of equities in the aftermath of the global market collapse

Anchor Capital reviews asset classes across major geographies, with a focus on equities.

The outlook for equities, commodities & currency markets in 2020

CNBC Africa is joined by Peet Serfontein, a market analyst to discuss the expectations and trends from equities, commodities and currency markets in 2020.

Databank: Gloomy outlook drag Ghana equities

Databank says gloomy economic outlook have continued to weigh on Ghanaian equities as the Ghana Stock Exchange declined by 26.5 pe rcent year-on-year in the third quarter of this year. Alex Boahen, Head of Research at Databank joins CNBC Africa to look at the country’s equities market.

Investing in turbulent Europe

"A spectre of anaemic growth is haunting Europe", glumly warns the FT. High jobless figures in country's such as France and Spain, Middle East tensions, trade wars, new leadership at the European Central Bank, Brexit, Boris Johnson these are all headwinds facing Europe’s stock markets. How should investors be navigating these turbulent waters? Is quantitative easing the solution to Europe's problems? Rolf Ganter, Managing Director and Head of European Equities at UBS joins CNBC Africa for more.

Equities & June inflation

Nigeria’s headline Inflation declined to 11.22 per cent in the month of June. Usoro Essien, Head of Research at Vetiva joins CNBC Africa for more.

Global real estate market an esteemed alternative for SA investors

The local real estate market has had a bleak outlook on the back of the strained South African economic backdrop. But the solution for investors may lie in the Global real estate market which has outperformed South African equities, bonds and listed property. Investors can get the opportunity to be exposed to developed market economies with healthy growth compared to the dismal results in the South African property sector. Fairtree Property Portfolio Managers Rob Hart and Ryan Cloete join CNBC Africa for more.

March producer inflation rises sharply

Producer inflation increased rapidly in March as the effects of higher fuel and food prices started to bite. The price producers pay at the factory gate leaped to 6.2 per...

JSE is oversold and due for correction – Analyst

The South African equities market is still struggling to shake off the slow growth of years past .First quarter figures were muted for many industry favourites.