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COVID-19: Is Rwanda’s drone response being spread too thin?

Back in early March, before the lock-downs, Rwanda launched a drive to use drones to spray pesticides in mosquito breeding sites; in a bid to reduce the number of malaria infections in the country. But since the novel coronavirus crisis has become a priority area, Charis UAS, one of the companies responsible for the spraying, has shifted its operations to focus on Covid-19 response. With the nation recording some three million malaria infections every year, how will the company handle both? Eric Rutayisire, Founder & CEO, Charis UAS joins CNBC Africa for more.

Rwanda is deploying this new weapon in fight against malaria

Over 90 per cent of malaria cases in 2018 were recorded in the African region according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In Rwanda, over 3 million people are infected by the disease and the country has launched a drive to use drones in spraying pesticides in mosquito breeding sites.