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Eunomix CEO: Pravin Gordhan is failing, at grave cost to SA

Is Minister Pravin Gordhan on a fool errant in his strategy to save South African state owned companies through good governance? Eunomix CEO, Claude Baissac argues the Minister is attached to a model of public ownership that is unfounded in economics and is ruinous to the Treasury and country.

Africa Investment Forum: Eunomix CEO: How resource nationalism can be turned into a positive force in Africa

The interest of international investors in the African continent is growing, as can be seen by good attendance at the Africa Investment Forum held in Sandton. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters spoke to Markus Pietikäinen, Chief Investment Officer of Finnfund and Claude Baissac, CEO of Eunomix about their experience at the AIF, development of entrepreneurs, access to finance and other key issues.