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Op-Ed: Supporting the ICT sector in Africa as a cure for the economic crisis

“We need to think, and fast, about how we can help our African partner in the race against time as it faces the predicted economic disaster in the wake of the global covid-19 pandemic,” writes Franc Bogovic and Engin Eroglu.

Penetrating Africa’s internet market through the sea

Tech companies from Asia, Europe and Africa have teamed up with Facebook to build one of the largest subsea cable projects in the world. The project, called 2Africa seeks to penetrate Africa’s internet market, where less than a quarter of its population of 1.3 billion people have internet connectivity. Kojo Boakye, Public Policy Director, Facebook Africa joins CNBC Africa more.

Here’s what’s driving market volatility after the global stock rout

While Thursday’s stock market was fueled by the rapid global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of travel restrictions from Europe, markets today are painting an inconsistent and chaotic picture.

Is East Africa ready to embrace the introduction of humanoid robots?

Last month at Rwanda Day in Bonn, Germany - an annual event bringing together Rwandan diaspora and friends of the country – Fabrice Goffin showed up with his humanoid robot, Nao. Inspired by the will of the people to solve some of the country's problems, he committed to visiting and seeing if his robotic solutions could help in anyway. Zorabots is already in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and now he's looking for his way into Africa. Fabrice Goffin joins CNBC Africa for more.

Visa restrictions and how they are affecting the Tourism sector in Africa

Why do Africans fly over their continent to go on holiday? Africa has some of the best beauty spots on the planet. People spend millions on holidays in Europe, especially in this era shimmering with the promise of the African Free Trade Area. Maybe visa restrictions and the cost of flights have something to do with it. What can be done? From KwaZulu Natal, Kwakye Donkor, CEO of African Tourism Partners joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Rwanda plans to benefit from the inaugural Golden Business Forum

Tomorrow will see the inauguration of the Golden Business Forum (GBF) in Kigali, Rwanda. The event is designed to be an annual high-level business platform bringing together investors from around the world to identify and facilitate partnership deals and discuss the challenges that are hampering business opportunities in Africa. The hosts, Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda, are prepared to receive hundreds of international investors from across the continent, Europe, China and the US. CEO and Spokesperson of PSF, Theoneste Ntagengerwa joins CBNC Africa for more.

Investing in turbulent Europe

"A spectre of anaemic growth is haunting Europe", glumly warns the FT. High jobless figures in country's such as France and Spain, Middle East tensions, trade wars, new leadership at the European Central Bank, Brexit, Boris Johnson these are all headwinds facing Europe’s stock markets. How should investors be navigating these turbulent waters? Is quantitative easing the solution to Europe's problems? Rolf Ganter, Managing Director and Head of European Equities at UBS joins CNBC Africa for more.

President Macron visits Fela Kuti’s Afrika shrine in Lagos

French President Emmanuel Macron first visited the Afrika shrine in Lagos as a 23 year old when he was interning in the French Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory. He says that back then he never imagined he'd come back to it as the President of France. CNBC Africa's Damilola Ade-Odiachi brings us this report.