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COVID-19: Opinion – Fear the fake news that spreads like wildfire and hurts us all

This deepening addiction to “hearsay” or “gists”, as Nigerians would say, has been mounting rapidly in Africa in recent years as the power of social media grows. And these weeks of lock down and national emergencies have created an eager audience keen to share the latest rumours.

With WhatsApp having played a major role in Nigeria’s elections does it undermine democracy ?

There is growing concern about the potential for the message and media sharing platform WhatsApp to undermine democracy in a number of countries across the world.

The next step Facebook is taking to tackle fake news

By Sara Salinas | @saracsalinas Facebook is buying a British AI firm to help tackle fake news, TechCrunch reported Monday, in what would be a notable change of strategy for the social media site...

How the fake news problem affects PR

How the fake news problem affects PR

How social media and fake news are battering traditional media in Kenya

George Ogola | University of Central Lancashire The recent Kenyan elections firmly demonstrated the incursion and perhaps even gradual institutionalisation of fake news as an actor in modern politics, particularly during elections. Although the...

MiWay CEO responds, dismisses racist email as ‘fake news’

MiWay CEO responds, dismisses racist email as 'fake news'

Op-Ed: Stomping Trump out of the White House

Stomping Donald Trump is how Chuck Schumer and the rest of the herd plan to retake the White House. Like the old saying; if you can’t beat him, stomp him.

Google expands ‘Fact Check’ tool to flag up fake news in search results

In October, Google tested the feature in a handful of countries and specifically in Google News. The announcement on Friday marks the wide-scale roll out of the feature.