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EU injects additional $17mn to tackle desert locusts ravaging East Africa

The European Union has released an additional 15 million euros to the fight against desert locusts in East Africa ahead of a potential new wave of swarms in the region. This comes after the EU granted 11 million euros back in February of this year for the same. The Food and Agriculture Organisation is one of the bodies set to receive the funds for this and CNBC Africa spoke to Cyril Ferrand, Senior Technical Officer and Team Leader for Eastern Africa Resilience for more.

Desert locust invasion threatens food security in Kenya

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, there is worry that there may be a second round of desert locust invasion. In what is emerging as a new cycle of infestation, experts say significant numbers of hatchlings have been spotted along migratory paths that had already suffered a first round of incursion. Dr. Muo Kasina, Chair of Entomology Society of Kenya, in the country’s Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization joins CNBC Africa for more.

Rwanda moves to digitise its agricultural value chains to increase productivity, revenues

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) have signed a Technical Cooperation Project aimed to digitalize commerce in agricultural value chains. Dr. Gualbert Gbehounou, FAO Country Representative of Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.

FAO: Developing economies should look to traditional foods for food production

With climate change wreaking havoc on agriculture and food production and availability, particularly in developing countries, traditional foods might offer a viable solution to plug the gap. Yon Fernandez-de-Larrinoa Team Leader of the Indigenous People Team at the UN’s Food And Agriculture Organisation spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

Can technology lure Africa’s youth into agriculture?

African countries are looking for ways to engage the youth to participate in agriculture by using ICT as they bid to boost job opportunities and strengthening efforts against hunger. Will the August 20th to 21st 2018 meeting on youth and agriculture provide solutions to this puzzle? Gaulbert Gbehounou, FAO Country representative in Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.

This is why Africa needs to look to its rural areas

Agriculture will feed Africa's economic transformation.

Rwanda hosts global conference on plant genetic resources

Rwanda hosts global conference on plant genetic resources

Op-ed: Over 5 years Africa has lost forests the size of England, this is how to create a trade-off

A narrative has developed that suggests there is a trade-off between sustainable land use approaches and local economic growth. A range of innovative new jurisdictional programmes, including in Africa, have the potential to show that is not the case by reconciling competing social, economic and environmental objectives.