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How COVID-19 is impacting the runways of Africa

One of the industries reeling from the COVID-19 supply chain disruption and consumer demand is the fashion industry.

COVID-19 sets new fashion trends

For many people working from home, a stylish wardrobe includes pyjamas, slippers and perhaps a clean ironed shirt for online meetings that don’t allow you to mute your video. US sales of pyjamas soared 143 per cent between March and April when the Covid-19 lock-down forced many American’s to work from home. Despite the current trend, Karl Hammerschmidt, CEO of RunwaySale, believes fashion will still be fashionable in future. He joins CNBC Africa to tell us why?

The plight of Uganda’s textile and fashion industry

Uganda's attempts to breathe life into a local textile and fashion industry have often unravelled in the face of imports of second-hand clothes that amount to about US$145million annually. Efforts to ban used clothes or increase tariffs on their importation has also threatened to sour trade relations with countries like the United States who are making billions from selling their used garments in Africa.

AfrikanSwiss brand making waves across Africa

The fashion industry can be a challenging tough one to make a viable business. Thato Matabane, Founder and designer of AfrikanSwiss, has managed to grab the attention of many beyond the South African shores but not withstanding financial challenges. He joins CNBC Africa to unpack his business journey.

David Tlale opens up on the inspiration behind his new fashion line Azania

Africa's fashion industry is buzzing. Export opportunities for African garments to rest of the world are vast. CNBC Africa spoke to David Tlale, South African style icon about his new fashion line Azania.

Growing Africa’s fashion industry

Africa's fashion industry is buzzing. Export opportunities for African garments to rest of the world are vast. And the weak rand could be a boon to help the industry grow and create jobs. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters caught up with the Head of Africa Fashion International, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe for more.

Precious Moloi-Motsepe speaks about Africa’s fashion industry

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Executive Chairperson of African Fashion International discusses Africa’s fashion industry.

African fashion industry outlook

African fashion industry outlook