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COVID-19 sets new fashion trends

For many people working from home, a stylish wardrobe includes pyjamas, slippers and perhaps a clean ironed shirt for online meetings that don’t allow you to mute your video. US sales of pyjamas soared 143 per cent between March and April when the Covid-19 lock-down forced many American’s to work from home. Despite the current trend, Karl Hammerschmidt, CEO of RunwaySale, believes fashion will still be fashionable in future. He joins CNBC Africa to tell us why?

COVID-19 impact on the global fashion industry

The world of fashion has seen the decline in consumer spending power and the cancellation of fashion shows around the world with brands such as Gucci, Dior and Chanel postponing its fashion collection debut’s as the virus fears have banned the social gatherings of individuals. As the fear starts to settle in South Africa many social gatherings, production creation and manufacturing is also experiencing a slowdown. Renowned South African Fashion Designer Johan-Gert Coetzee joins CNBC Africa for more.

Why Naomi Campbell believes Africa should guard its fashion and fabrics jealously

Cash from fashion starts at home argues supermodel Naomi Campbell.

You know you’re rich when you buy this — a $379,261 handbag is the most expensive ever sold at auction

Leah Ginsberg | @lginzy Would you rather have a house or a handbag? If you have to choose, you can't afford the Hermès white Himalaya crocodile diamond Birkin bag that Christie's just unloaded...

South Africa's Woolworths to buy Australian men's fashion retailer Politix

Woolworths has expanded in Australia, having bought a portfolio of brands that includes David Jones, Witchery, Trenery and Mimco.