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How COVID-19 is impacting East Africa’s coffee producers

Coffee importers in some of the largest consuming countries are stockpiling, bringing forward orders by up to a month to avoid shortages as supply chains be disrupted by coronavirus lockdowns, CNBC Africa spoke to the Founder, Cafe for Change, Fernando Morales de la Cruz for more.

The importance of Africa’s involvement in world trade highlighted after G7 Summit in France

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame joined leaders of the G7 countries over the weekend for the G7 Summit in France where among other things they discussed the global economy and world security. In a discussion on the importance of the summit to Africa, Analyst, Fernando Morales de la Cruz joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Is Africa’s coffee industry in decline?

Between reports of Kenyan coffee farmers being paid by western multinationals some 75 per cent less for their crop than they did 35 years ago, to general production on the continent seemingly going down, we can't help but ask, is the African coffee sector facing a possible crisis? Coffee Activist and Founder for Cafe for Change, Fernando Morales de la Cruz joins CNBC Africa for more.