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Kenya’s Safaricom sees 70% jump in data usage during COVID-19 lockdown

Kenya’s top telecoms operator Safaricom has seen a 70% surge in data usage as people stay at home to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, it said on Tuesday.

Telkom to connect fibre to Soweto

Fibre has finally made it from the suburbs to Soweto; this morning Telkom launched its first rollout of Fibre at Orlando West High School which is believed to be one of many. CNBC Africa Yolanda Mabanga spoke to Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko for more.

SEACOM plans to triple or quadruple self-deployed fibre in 2018

SEACOM best known for its 17 000 km undersea network along the eastern and southern coastlines, the group also stepped into the field of fibre in July 2017 with its “pilot” self-deployment of a 7.3 km network to business and home users, the firm plans to triple or quadruple its amount of self-deployed fibre in 2018. To better understand this, CNBC Africa is joined by CEO Byron Clatterbuck.