The economic impact of COVID-19 on football

The Chairman of FIFA’s COVID-19 Relief Plan Steering Committee, Olli Rehn says about one-third of the football economy, worth around 40 to 45 billion dollars, has been affected by the pandemic and its impact continues to linger. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Nnamdi Obanya, Sports and Media Enterprise Consultant.

Why FIFA handed former Ghana FA president Nyantakyi a ban for life

Nyantakyi is also a former vice-president of the Confederation of African Football.

Why Sierra Leone could be banned by FIFA from international competition

FIFA said earlier this week that they were monitoring the situation in the country.

FIFA plans to work with Ghana’s government, here’s why…

ZURICH (Reuters) - World soccer’s ruling body FIFA says the Ghanaian government has pledged to stop the process to wind up the country’s football association (GFA) over corruption allegations. FIFA, which earlier this...

Why World Cup brings forth opportunity to discuss African identities and unity

Africa is the world’s second most populated continent; it’s home to 54 countries. Yet, according to football umbrella body FIFA’s rules, only five African countries can qualify for the World Cup tournament...