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Experts share their best advice for making your first investment

It’s easier today than ever to invest; new technologies and a host of digital wealth managers have opened up entry into lower-risk investments from anywhere in the world. CNBC Make It spoke to some experts to find out their top tips for getting started.

Do these 4 things in your 30s if you want to be richer in your 40s, money experts say

You may find yourself juggling a lot financially in your 30s, like purchasing a home, switching jobs, and even having children. Here are four money moves you can make in your 30s that experts say can leave you wealthier in your 40s.

Dominick Sanga on how best African youths can be empowered for the future

Limited access to education, finances and scarce employment opportunities are some of the challenges facing Africa’s youth. To share her thoughts on how these can be addressed, Rehema Dominick Sanga, Founder and CEO of Organization for Capitalizing Community Resources & Initiative joins CNBC Africa.

How to be your own financial heroine in 2019

What women should be considering to manage their own finances.

Money, love and happiness: The best time to start the money conversation is right now

When it comes to matters of the heart, people often say that “opposites attract.”  If this is indeed the case, it may also hold true that two individuals in a romantic relationship...

Trends affecting wealthy individuals in 2017

Eric Enslin has identified four industry trends affecting high-net worth individuals that advisors should take into account.

Irregular South Africa government expenditure up 80 pct

"Due to a lack of transparency and competitiveness, it remains to be seen whether prices are not inflated in the procurement processes."

IMF lifts censures against Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe restored about $107.9 million in arrears on Oct. 20, ending more than 15 years of arrears to the trust.