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Apple launches peer-to-peer payments to take on Square, PayPal and Venmo

Apple is launching peer-to-peer payments in iOS 11.

Nigeria: Finding opportunities where others fear to tread

A few years ago investors were very excited about investing in Africa outside of South Africa.

How the JSE has changed over time

Looking at the JSE super sectors, it is extremely interesting how their contributions to the JSE Top 40 Index (Top 40) has changed over time

Curro first-half profit jumps 51 pct on acquisitions and demand

Founded in 1998, Curro has been growing at a lightning-fast rate as parents frustrated with under-resourced, over-crowded state run schools

Selloff ‘Perception Catching Up With Reality’: CEO

Thursday's market sell-off, which saw a dramatic 500 point fall in the Dow, is just a case of market perception catching up with reality, the chief executive of one of Europe's biggest insurers told CNBC Friday.

Arab World in 10-20 Year Testing Period: Fund Manager

Investors may be wary of putting their money in the Middle East and the Arab peninsula given the political turmoil which has shaken the region in recent months, but it offers investment opportunities worth considering, one fund manager told CNBC.