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COVID-19: Investing for Roubini’s Greater Depression

“The lessons learned from the GFC encouraged policymakers worldwide to work furiously to get economies back into shape through a series of fierce and co-ordinated policy responses to the impacts of Covid-19. In turn, this has encouraged a consensus view amongst economists that the recovery from the crisis will be V-shaped,” writes Cannon Asset Managers CE Adrian Saville.

From the economy to monetary policy: Key takeaways from Nigeria’s 2020 budget

During Buhari’s budget presentation, the Nigerian President said the 2020 budget is designed to drive fiscal consolidation to strengthen the economy. Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Nigeria's elevated fiscal deficits rely on central bank financing which complicates monetary policy. To breakdown Nigeria's spending plan, Sam Chidoka, Managing Director and CEO of Kairos Capital joins CNBC Africa.