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What to expect from Nigeria’s money markets in second half of 2020

It is the first day of July and this month’s activities at Nigeria’s fixed Income market will begin with a Treasury Bills auction as the Debt Management Office intends to rollover a total of 88.8 billion naira across the standard tenors. So what can we expect from the market in the second half of the year? Constance Onyia, Fixed Income Dealer at Access Bank joins CNBC Africa for more.

NSE ends week in negative territory

Chuka Nwachukwu, Fixed Income Trader at UBA joins CNBC Africa for a recap of activities that shaped Nigeria’s fixed income market.

Nigerian FX market watch: CBN: Banks must increase lending to grow GDP

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) says the aggregate foreign exchange inflow into Nigeria reached $10.89 billion in October while outflow from the economy was $5.1 in the same period. Director at Zedcrest Capital, Oluseyi Akinbi joins CNBC Africa to discuss stories around Nigeria’s fixed income market.

Nigeria’s fluctuating FX market: A look at what affects these changes

Traders say trading activities in Nigeria’s fixed income market was mixed on Thursday. To review this week's activities at the fixed income and FX markets, Femi Ogundimu, Fixed Income Trader at Access Bank joins CNBC Africa for more.

Nigeria’s fixed income market declining: What does this mean for investors?

Analysts say yields in Nigeria’s Fixed Income market have declined by over 50 basis points as it adjusts significantly to the two major recent decisions rolled out by the Central Bank. Henry Okoye, Fixed Income Dealer at Coronation Merchant Bank joins me CNBC Africa for more.

This is how the Nigerian markets reacted to MPC decision

Following the MPC’s decision to leave all parameters unchanged, traders say bullish sentiment is expected to resume in Nigeria’s fixed income market. Olawale Hamed, Currency Trader at UBA joins CNBC Africa from the banking floor to discuss the trade activities in Nigeria fixed income and forex market so far this week.