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SAA cancels some flights as airline fights for survival

SAA is running short of cash after the government failed to provide 2 billion rand ($137 million) of emergency funding it promised when the airline entered a form of bankruptcy protection last month.

South Africa’s SAA cancels flights, here’s why

State airline South African Airways (SAA) has cancelled “nearly all” flights scheduled for Friday.

Uganda relaunches its national carrier after 18 years, what does this mean for aviation in East Africa?

Flights in the East African region have been noted for being among the most expensive in the world with the Kigali to Entebbe, Uganda route the most costly flight in the world for its distance. Yesterday, Uganda Airlines launched its maiden flight and becomes the fifth national carrier in the region, with this development there is a lot of optimism for the sector. On the prospects and potential of the industry in East African Community (EAC), Aviation sector expert Allan Brian Senyonga joins CNBC Africa for more.