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What’s behind Kenya’s 60% drop in flower production?

In Kenya, firms dealing in flowers have registered a 60 per cent drop in production this season following heavy rains, plagued by pests and diseases, which in turn hurt supplies and increase the cost. Britain is the second largest export destination for Kenya's cut flowers after the Netherlands, taking almost 18 per cent of the flowers produced in the country. Alex Owiti, Communication Consultant of the Horticulture Industry in East Africa joins to share how much of an impact the drop is to the economy as well as if Brexit will affect the Kenya flower trade.

Kenya cut flowers face possible Australia ban, here’s how this could impact the industry

Kenya cut flowers might lose out on the Australian market as Canberra moves to implement new bio security measures. On what Africa's biggest flower exporter is doing to keep a grip on the Australian market, Clement Tulezi, CEO of Kenya Flower Council joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.