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Sudan in need of $10 billion to rebuild economy: Exactly how bad is the aftermath of political turmoil?

According to media, Sudan’s Prime Minister revealed the country needs about $8 billion in foreign aid over the next two years to cover its import bill and help rebuild its ravaged economy after months of political turmoil. To share more on the country’s economic recovery, Activist and Analyst, Hajooj Kuka joins CNBC Africa for more.

Why Sudan needs up to $10 billion in aid to rebuild economy

Sudan has been in economic turmoil since it lost the bulk of its oil production in 2011 when South Sudan seceded after decades of civil war.

OPINION: Africa, the new world order and the politics of relevance

There is little doubt, as Malcolm Gladwell said, that we’ve reached a tipping point, and it’s reshuffling the entire card deck of humanity.