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Dave Nicholls: How to solve SA’s energy crisis

Retired Eskom insider and now the newly appointed chair of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa, Dave Nicholls gave a presentation at the Free Market Foundation. Nicholls served Eskom as Chief Nuclear Officer accountable for all Eskom’s nuclear activities and he echoed the sentiments recently issued by finance minister on the role of nuclear power in dealing with South Africa’s electricity shortage.

FMF: What SA should do to improve its economic freedom ranking

South Africa has ranked 101 out of 162 countries that are economically free; this is according to the 2019 Economic Freedom of the World report. South Africa has fallen 54 places since 2000 when it ranked 47th in the world. Hong Kong and Singapore tops the chart as they represent the two most economically free countries in the world. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Leon Louw, Executive Director at the Free Market Foundation (FMF).

Op-Ed: Can South Africa’s basic education be fixed?

Phumlani M. Majozi | Free Market Foundation The state of South Africa’s basic education is a topic of constant debate – by political parties, the media, civil organisations and the general public. Even...

Op-Ed: Free Market Foundation founded on moral economic principles

The major focus of the FMF is on putting forward policies that will improve the lives of all South Africans, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable.

Op-Ed: The inequality bells are ringing again in South Africa

With the assertion that inequality is caused by one group forcibly taking from others, it is not surprising when social tensions rise and violence occurs.

Sir Ketumile Masire, Nelson Mandela and the Free Market Foundation

FMF was saddened to hear of the death last week of statesman Sir Ketumile Masire, President of Botswana from 1980 to 1998. Masire is widely credited with transforming Botswana’s economy, and promoting democracy and inclusivity.

Op-Ed: The first step to growth – Reject pseudo-economics

Nowadays in South Africa, it appears that there is only one accepted ‘economic’ theory: government intervention will solve the problem.

Did data must fall lobby misrepresent the facts?

Consumers want faster data at lower prices, yesterday. The #DataMustFall movement is agitating for lower mobile and fixed-line data prices.