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#GPBudget: Gauteng increases budget by R4bn in response to COVID-19

The Gauteng Provincial Government's Special Adjustment Budget was tabled today, as the economy continues to be ravaged by Covid-19. The Provincial government added R4 billion to the budget to strengthen frontline services in the fight against Covid-19 and to boost the economy. How will this fund be allocated? The person who can answer that is MEC of Finance and e-Government for Gauteng, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko.

#GPBudget2020: Here’s how Gauteng plans to identify talent at a young age in sports

Gauteng Premier David Makhura addressed the importance of sports and in particular football at the recent State of the Province Address.

#GPBudget2020: MEC Tasneem Motara on how Gauteng plans to boost the construction industry

With a medium term allocation of R36.7 billion from the 2020 Gauteng budget, the department of infrastructure development is seen as key driver to the numerous developmental goal of the province. The focus will be on special economic zones, rehabilitating old infrastructure and bulk services for new smart city project. CNBC Africa reporter Karabo Letlhatlha spoke to MEC for Infrastructure Development & Property Management, Tasneem Motara.

#GPBudget2020: Freedom Front Plus reacts to MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko’s budget speech

At the Gauteng Provincial Budget speech held yesterday, Gauteng MEC for finance Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko Allocated resources in support of the Growing Gauteng Together plan. CNBC Africa’s Karabo Letlhatlha caught up with Anton Alberts the Freedom Front Plus Chairperson and Leader in the Gauteng Legislature about his review of the provincial budget.

#GPBudget2020: MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko allocates R157mn towards integration of Gauteng’s transport industry

Gauteng MEC for Finance Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko allocated R157 million in support of the Taxi Industry at the Provincial Budget speech held yesterday. CNBC Africa’s Karabo Letlhatlha caught up with MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Jacob Mamabolo on how this money will be used.

#GPBudget2020: MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko on the key takeaways from her budget speech

CNBC Africa's Karabo Letlhatlha who attended the 2020/21 Gauteng Budget speech and caught up with the MEC for Finance & e-Government Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko to unpack the key highlights from the budget.

Gauteng MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko on digitising the province

Premier David Makhura delivered the Gauteng State of the Province Address at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus. CNBC Africa’s Karabo Letlhatlha caught up with Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, MEC for Finance and e-Governance about what best practices she is taking from Barbara Creecy and what she can add to her portfolio.

Gauteng MEC Motara on addressing infrastructure challenges in the province

Delivering the latest Gauteng State of the Province Address for the 6th administration, Premier David Makhura focused on some key strategic priorities. This includes using the R60 billion infrastructure fund to tackle most of the social ills plaguing the province. CNBC Africa’s Karabo Letlhatlha caught up with the MEC for Infrastructure Development, Tasneem Motara for more.