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COVID-19: Plotting the path to global recovery

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development says if the world economy is to move away from the edge of depression and claw its way back towards sustainable growth and development, it must recover more effectively than it did from the Global Financial Crisis a decade ago. UNCTAD also stressed that a return to pre-pandemic austerity will reduce annual global growth by one percentage point and increase the global unemployment rate by 2 percentage points until 2030. Paul Alaje, Senior Economist at SPM Professionals joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: Investing for Roubini’s Greater Depression

“The lessons learned from the GFC encouraged policymakers worldwide to work furiously to get economies back into shape through a series of fierce and co-ordinated policy responses to the impacts of Covid-19. In turn, this has encouraged a consensus view amongst economists that the recovery from the crisis will be V-shaped,” writes Cannon Asset Managers CE Adrian Saville.

Our top share picks for the brave investor: Finding opportunities in times of adversity

“In times of extreme market volatility (and corrections), it is often unnecessary for investors to look far down the quality curve to find attractive opportunities that will generate significant returns in future. This is oftentimes the correct strategy as those economic uncertainties causing market volatility can have far more dire consequences for lower-quality businesses,” writes Stephán Engelbrecht, Fund Management.