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South African Millennials Stand for Globalism and Want to Shape the Future

Hikmet Ersek | The Western Union Company South African millennials are amongst those from 15 countries who are united by a belief in globalisation; want the freedom to experience the opportunities it brings; and...

BRICS is being battered by global crises: why this might not be a bad thing

Patrick Bond |University of the Witwatersrand At the BRICS summit in Russia two years ago, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping invoked physics when asking fellow leaders “to boost the centripetal (unifying) force of BRICS nations through...

In their rush to become “global”, cities risk creating spatial apartheid

The first thing I saw when stepping out of the taxi was a sign advertising craft beer, popular with hipsters everywhere. Sidewalk tables were occupied by attractive young people; a pleasant tableau...

Globalisation has left people behind – this is what we should do about it

It’s recently become fashionable to worry that the fabric of democracy is being undermined as people feel left behind by globalization.