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biNu and MTN SA invent reverse billing concept to curb data costs for South Africans

With many of the issues that one is facing with the fast approaching 4th industrial revolution, data is one that many in South Africa can relate too. biNu has created a Data free campaign which is based on the concept of reverse billing and lessens the burden on mobile users accessing websites. biNu CEO, Stephen Newton is, former Head of Google South Africa and has recently entered into a partnership with MTN South Africa for his biNu venture. He joins CNBC Africa for more.

Google celebrates its 20th birthday

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday. According to Google, when Google started 20 years ago its primary mandate was to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Now Google indexes hundreds of billions of pages, and offers Search in more than 150 languages and over 190 countries. Joining CNBC Africa to reflect on evolution of search is Luke Mckend, Country Director, Google South Africa.

Google joins Africa’s fight for youth employment

Google joins Africa’s fight for youth employment