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How can Nigerian businesses achieve sound corporate governance?

Protecting minority shareholders against the misuse of corporate assets by the directors of a company for personal gain is just one of many ways sustainable organisations embrace sound corporate governance practices. Fabian Ajogwu, Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Fellow of the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to discuss the importance of corporate governance in building a sustainable businesses.

Nigeria passes major oil reform bill after 17 year struggle

Nigeria passes major oil reform bill after 17 year struggle

Lessons from Mauritius on making companies more accountable

Jyoti Devi | Eastern Institute of Technology and Teerooven Soobaroyen | University of Essex   Since the turn of the century, developing countries have been adopting corporate governance codes with the promise that they will enhance accountability...

Op-Ed: Mugabe, thanks for independence #ShowMeMyFreedom

Robert Mugabe and his cronies have good reason to confuse independence with freedom. They may fool themselves, but they can't fool me, says Rejoice Ngwenya.

OPINION: Why King IV matters

The King IV Report on Corporate Governance is an invaluable guide to leaders on how to govern ethically.

Governance across Africa has improved very little in decade: Ibrahim survey

The Ibrahim Index of African Governancerates 54 African nations against criteria such as security, human rights, economic stability

Is South Africa's future on shaky ground?

Coalition-rule and minority-government require a degree of political maturity not always evident in the South African environment.