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Op-Ed: While Mozambique’s Frelimo is the favourite it will be no cakewalk

Mozambique goes to the polls next Tuesday, October 15, against a backdrop of new investment plans that would significantly improve the country’s economic growth outlook, but also some concern over the possibility of conflict in what is guaranteed to be a disputed outcome.

Why Nigeria should evaluate existing structures in order to drive economic growth

Nigeria needs to review existing structures to drive growth. xtock/Shutterstock By Ohio Omiunu, Senior Lecturer in Law, De Montfort University There have been sustained efforts to diversify Nigeria’s economy since the country returned to democratic civilian...

President Ouattara dissolves Ivory Coast’s government, what you need to know

ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara dissolved the government on Wednesday, according to a statement from the presidency, amid tensions with his party’s partner in the governing coalition. Prime Minister Amadou...

Govt as a client is still a safe bet – Rebosis CEO Andile Mazwai

Govt as a client is still a safe bet – Rebosis CEO Andile Mazwai

Op-Ed: Greater economic freedom reaps resounding benefits

The data could not be more clear. Countries that pursue greater levels of economic freedom reap resounding benefits.

Op-Ed: S.A’s NHI – Is it necessary or appropriate for government to provide “free healthcare for all”?

Directly or indirectly, the government would control the availability, financing, and delivery of healthcare — the choice would no longer be ours to make.

Dancers are to rule Nigeria’s entertainment industry – Kaffy

Dancers are to rule Nigeria's entertainment industry - Kaffy