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195 countries join hands with signature of Paris Agreement on Climate Change pact

195 countries agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions when they signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. To understand how and if the continent’s development is sustainable and in line with the agreement, Dr. Richard Munang, Regional Climate Change Coordinator Innovative Climate Action and Development of Africa Office at the UN environment joins CNBC Africa for more.

What we can do to protect planet earth – Global Environment Facility CEO

Africa is responsible for only 4 per cent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, however 65per cent of the African population is considered to be directly impacted by climate change. CNBC Africa spoke to Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of Global Environment Facility during the One Planet Summit on the best way to protect the planet’s climate.

Diversifying East Africa’s energy mix

Diversifying East Africa’s energy mix

Look out for new greenhouse gas regulations

The Minister of Environment Affairs has published the National Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations after two years in draft format.