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GSMA on key trends shaping the mobile industry in SSA

COVID-19 has spurred on demand for individuals and businesses to stay connected, through digital platforms. The mobile industry in Sub-Saharan Africa has risen to the challenge, with a change in the digital landscape. According to GSMA's Mobile Economy Report, half the population in Sub-Saharan Africa will subscribe to mobile services by 2025. Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa at GSMA.

#Africa50: Why Investing in Digital Infrastructure Post-COVID-19 is Critical to Africa’s Recovery

This special broadcast on the topic: Why Investing in Digital Infrastructure Post-COVID-19 is Critical to Africa’s Economic Recovery” brings together prominent speakers from the four corners of Africa. It also sees the announcement of the Africa50 Innovation Challenge Finalists....

How COVID-19 is impacting mobile money in SSA

As COVID-19 continues to spread on the continent, countries are making mobile transfers free of charge to encourage cashless payments and restrain the virus. How will this shape the mobile economy on the continent?

How to narrow gender gap in mobile internet use

Latest statistics from GSMA indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa has the second largest mobile gender gap at 37 per cent with handset affordability being the main barrier to mobile ownership. Claire Sibthorpe, Head of Connected Women and Connected Society at the GSMA joins CNBC Africa for more.

The challenges of Africa’s mobile growth & how they can be overcome

Africa’s mobile economy has experienced significant growth in the recent years and is expected to generate almost $185 billion or 9.1 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the region by 2023. However, insufficient infrastructure, affordability and political uncertainty could hinder the attainment of the desired targets. Akinwale Goodluck, Head of Sub Saharan Africa at GSMA joins CNBC Africa for more.

How agritech is re-shaping Africa’s agricultural value chain

According to the World Bank, agriculture employs about 65 per cent of the population in Africa and contributes 35 per cent to the continent's gross domestic product . Head of Mobile for Development at GSMA, Yasmina McCarty joins CBNC Africa for more.