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Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over floods

Authorities from Sudan have declared a national state of emergency for three months and designated the country a natural disaster zone after flooding that killed dozens of people. Hajooj Kuka, Analyst and Activist joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Sudan is dealing with the economic impact of Covid-19

According to Sudan’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the annual inflation rate rose to 98.81 per cent in April, up from 81.64 per cent in March, due to rising prices of food, drink and fuel. Moreover, Sudan has extended a lock-down of the state of Khartoum by an additional two weeks from to try to slow the spread of COVID-19. Hajooj Kuka, Analyst & Activist spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

Sudan allows private traders to export gold in bid to boost revenues

Sudan has begun allowing private traders to export gold, a move expected to crack down on smuggling and attract foreign currency into the country’s cash-strapped treasury. Until January 1st 2020, when the decision was made, Sudan’s Central Bank had been the sole body legally allowed to buy and export gold and set up centers to buy the metal from small-scale miners. Hajooj Kuka, Analyst and Activist joins CNBC Africa for more on what the country is doing to revive the economy.

US to reinstate ambassador to Sudan for first time in 23 years

Sudan's Prime Minister, Hamdok held talks in Washington with the aim of having Sudan removed from the US list of countries that are said to sponsor terrorism. In order to be removed from the terrorism list, Sudan must meet a series of US conditions, including payments to the embassy bomb victims. Also the United States is set to name an ambassador to the country for the first time in 23 years. Analyst and Activist, Hajooj Kuka joins CNBC Africa for more.

Sudan in need of $10 billion to rebuild economy: Exactly how bad is the aftermath of political turmoil?

According to media, Sudan’s Prime Minister revealed the country needs about $8 billion in foreign aid over the next two years to cover its import bill and help rebuild its ravaged economy after months of political turmoil. To share more on the country’s economic recovery, Activist and Analyst, Hajooj Kuka joins CNBC Africa for more.