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Osagie Ehanire: Bill to make health insurance compulsory awaiting assent

In an exclusive interview with CNBC Africa at the Future of Health Summit in Abuja, Nigeria's Minister of Health Dr Osagie Ehanire disclosed that a bill to make health insurance mandatory in Nigeria is currently awaiting assent. CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop started by asking him about increasing Nigeria's budgetary allocation for healthcare.

Deepening healthcare insurance in Nigeria

As the United Nations and World Health Organization prepare to observe World Health day on the 7th of this month, Chike Nwangwu, CEO of NOIPOLLS joins CNBC Africa to discuss ways to deepening health insurance in Nigeria.

OpEd: Was Momentum within their rights to decline R2.4m claim by Nathan Ganas’ family?

Momentum's decision not to pay Ganas' family resulted in public outrage.

Focus on Africa’s healthcare

Focus on Africa's healthcare

Africa Development Week: ways to increase health budgets for universal access

“In recent years, investment in health has been getting a raw deal in comparison to other sectors of the economy."