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Kenya’s law on free sanitary towels for schoolgirls: To what extent is government keeping its word?

In June 2017, the government of Kenya passed a historic law to give free sanitary towels to school girls aiming at minimizing absenteeism and putting them at par with their male counterparts. Despite the government allocating about $4.7 million in the 2017/2018 financial budget towards this, there are still complaints and accusations to the government on them not keeping their word. Monicah Muhoya, Founder, Heels4Pads joins CNBC Africa for more.

This barter initiative is empowering women & girls with sanitary pads

Bartering is a trading system where goods or services are exchanged without the use of cash. This was mostly used in Sub-Saharan African because of the language barrier. Heels4pads is an initiative founded by two ladies who exchange heels for pads to support girls and women in two folds who can’t afford menstruation products. Monicah Muhoya and Angela Wambui, co-Founders of Heels4Pads join CNBC Africa for more.