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Ivor Sarakinsky: DA crisis? What crisis?

The main opposition party in South Africa has lost three main leaders in its party. Several more members of the party have crossed the floor in KwaZulu-Natal to the leading party, the ANC. The questions that remains on many South Africans minds now, is where to from here for the DA? Joining CNBC Africa for more is Dr Ivor Sarakinsky, Wits School of Governance.

Zille in Mashaba out exposes DA’s deep fractures

It took him more than half a century to get into politics and just over three years to get out of it. Businessman, Herman Mashaba, surprised many when he joined the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance on his way to become mayor of Johannesburg, one of Africa’s biggest and richest cities. He tried a number of reforms and survived votes of no-confidence in him and the shaky alliance with the eff. The election of former party leader, Helen Zille to a powerful post signalled the end. CNBC Africa's Karabo Letlhatlha filed this report.

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba resigns

The leader of one of the biggest and richest cities in Africa has stepped down amid political wrangling. Businessman turned politician Herman Mashaba who surprised many when he went into politics, says he could no longer stomach his position and wanted to go rather than being pushed. Mashaba resigns as a both the mayor of Johannesburg and a DA member, But what happens now to the business projects that he was driving in Johannesburg .CNBC Africa's Karabo Letlhatlha reports.