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UN food agency says record 45 million people across Southern Africa face hunger

The United Nations World Food Programme said on Thursday that a record 45 million people in the 16-nation Southern African Development Community faced growing hunger following repeated drought, widespread flooding and economic disarray.

Improved Foods CEO Amar Ali on the next decade of Sustainable Development Goals

With 2020 around the corner, it leaves us with only 10 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the most fundamental of the goals has been goal number 2 that aims at zero hunger. Amar Ali, CEO of Africa Improved Foods joins CNBC Africa for more.

What is causing Zimbabwe’s food security and humanitarian crisis ?

A standard narrative has been that Zimbabwe has turned from “food basket” to “basket case” as 5.5 million people are estimated to be at risk of hunger.

How farmers can reduce food losses in Africa: Lessons on food security and nutrition

According to the Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition (AROFSN), hunger on the continent continues to rise after many years of decline. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that currently, more than 40 per cent of fruits and vegetables in developing regions spoil before they can be consumed. To share insights into how to reduce food losses, Betty Kibaara, Director at Rockefeller Foundation joins CNBC Africa for more.

How innovation & technology can help end hunger in Africa

Africa has set an ambitious target of halving poverty and ending hunger by 2025. To share insights into how the continent can capitalise on science to achieve this, food Scientist and co-winner of the 2016 World Food Prize, Maria Isabel Andrade, joins CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Progress in pest prevention offers hope for Africa’s food security

Food and nutrition insecurity is a chronic problem for Africa. Despite decades of humanitarian and development efforts, one in five Africans remain undernourished and a third of Africa’s children are stunted.

AfDB’s Martin Fregene on the role of financiers in fighting hunger in Africa

Africa aims to halve poverty and end hunger by 2025 amid climate change and other setbacks that may hinder those targets. To explain the role financiers are playing in addressing this, Martin Fregene, Director of Agriculture & Agro-Industry at the African Development Bank (AfDB) joins CBNC Africa for more.

How the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue plans to end hunger across the continent

On the side lines of the Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue (AFSLD), CNBC Africa's Zwena Bachoo caught up with Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture for the African Union Commission, Josefa Sacko to talk about the organization's mandate of supporting and implementing major food security programs in the continent to eliminate hunger and malnutrition.