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SA justice department responds to Botswana butterfly case

Civil rights group Afrifourm is representing the Botswana government in its fight against its former president Ian Khama and South African businesswoman Bridgette Motsep- Radebe. The pair was accused of staging a coup and stealing $10 billion from the reserve bank of Botswana. But in an investigation by international firms Omnia and Alaco, it was concluded that that claims were fabricated. However Botswana’s government is bringing legal action against the South African government for not assisting with the needed legal documents. Afriforum Advocate Gerrie Nel and Crispin Phiri, Spokesperson of The Ministry at Department Of Justice join CNBC Africa for more.

Key issues to watch as Botswana heads to the polls

Thousands of people queued up to vote in Botswana today for the hotly-contested elections that could challenge the ruling party’s hold onto power. The former president of the ruling party, Ian Khama broke away from the Botswana Democratic Party and joined the opposition party due to internal disagreements. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss the outcome is Journalist, Kealeboga Dihutso.

Botswana Decides: Why Botswana’s election could be decided by Ian Khama

In Botswana this morning hundreds of thousands of people queued up to vote in the country’s elections that promise to be one of the most contested in the country’s democratic history. The ruling BDP is looking to hold onto power that has lasted for more than half a century. Meanwhile a disgruntled former president called Ian Khama is looking to upset the apple cart by lending his support to the opposition. Joining CNBC Africa more is Menzi Ndhlovu, Senior Analyst at Signal Risk.