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IFP looking forward to better numbers – Hlengwa

IFP spokesperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa, speaking to CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters said that he hoped the numbers would pick up as vote counting progressed. The party came into the election on the back foot after a number of setbacks, but the work they have put in is beginning to pay off and this is being reflected in the numbers, he said. They also spoke about the youth representation in the vote, leadership plans for the party and the IFP’s position on coalitions.

Analysis: How will SA vote?

With just a week away from South Africa's sixth democratic general election - citizens are set to drop in their vote at polling stations across the nation. But how are they expected to vote? Professor Tumo Kele, Associate Professor of Management Services at the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership joins CNBC Africa for more.

Madonsela implores voters to be more discerning

With just over a month to go until South Africans take to the polls to vote in a new national government, CNBC Africa spoke to a fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) and Advocate Thuli Madonsela who was at the Harvard ALI dinner. She had some choice of words to share with voters about holding their leaders to account.