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Self-made millionaire: 6 biggest money lies young people need to stop telling themselves

This self-made millionaire says you’re in control of your own finances — and the sooner you internalize that, the sooner you can start to go on the offense. The first step is to acknowledge some of the biggest money lies young people tell themselves.

This Mozambique case study shows that poverty is about much more than income, here’s why

Representing poverty as a kind of well-defined objective condition, like an infectious disease, focuses attention on the symptoms and immediate consequences of poverty. It risks diverting attention away from the underlying structural causes and diverse experiences of the poor.

Here’s the true cost of the proposed ‘universal basic income’ that could lessen inequality

The UBI movement has a major problem as many people don’t understand how much the programme would actually cost.

Well educated people can lag behind in wealth

Professionals often say that society expects them to live in expensive homes, dress in expensive clothes and drive expensive cars. We judge a book by its cover, often judging professionals by their outward appearance rather than their net worth. And unfortunately for them, the pressure to maintain an impressive outward appearance can restrict the growth of the professional’s wealth.