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Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution leave women behind ?

The gender digital gap in South Africa, and on the African continent more broadly, is only widening, with women having lower digital literacy, less access to internet based technologies, and less relevant online content to men.

What South Africa can learn from Brazil on how to tackle ‘hidden hunger’

South Africa faces a double burden of hunger and malnutrition, on the one hand, and obesity with associated non-communicable diseases (NCDs), on the other. This is a condition known as “hidden hunger”.

S.A elections: Is the national dialogue addressing the right issues?

Independent Strategy Adviser, Shawn Hagedorn says South Africa is among the world’s most unequal countries and until inequality’s policy hegemony is toppled, the effectiveness of the country’s national dialogue will be subverted by false beliefs. He joins CNBC Africa to discuss more.

How the blue economy can help alleviate poverty, inequality in Africa

The 52nd Session of the Conference of Ministers provides a suitable opportunity for African Ministers to examine the fiscal policies necessary for the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area within the frameworks of the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063 and the critical role of private sector in the era of the digital economy. This year’s conference is taking place in Marrakesh, Morocco. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters caught up with David Pierre about how the blue economy can alleviate poverty, inequality and unemployment on the continent.

Here’s the true cost of the proposed ‘universal basic income’ that could lessen inequality

The UBI movement has a major problem as many people don’t understand how much the programme would actually cost.

What is the cost of inequality in Nigeria?

The World Bank says losses in wealth due to gender inequality resulting from differences in lifetime earnings between women and men are estimated at about 2.5 trillion dollars for sub-Saharan Africa. Serah Makka-Ugbabe, Nigeria Country Director at One Campaign joins CNBC Africa to discuss the cost of inequality in Nigeria.

Why the private sector’s hype about the African middle class isn’t helpful

Henning Melber | University of Pretoria The African middle class is of huge interest to business. This was confirmed again recently by well attended seminars in South Africa’s big cities to discuss “African Lions:...

Why the dream of a prosperous, united nation continues to elude South Africa

Edward Webster | University of the Witwatersrand The goal of one united South African nation living prosperously under a constitutional democracy remains elusive. This is in spite of the constitution boldly declaring that South Africa belongs...