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Tracking the progress of Rwanda’s Ejo Heza saving scheme

In December 2018, the Rwandan government launched Ejo Heza, a pension scheme intended to improve the welfare of, especially, workers in the informal sector. How is the scheme getting on 2 years after inception? Dan Rwiyamirira from the Rwanda Social Security Board explains joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s how Invest In Africa is helping Kenyan SMEs survive Covid-19

With Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and the informal sector making up a vast majority of the businesses and job opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring their survival is crucial to the continent’s economic recovery and growth post Covid-19. CNBC Africa spoke to Wangechi Muriuki, Country Manager of Invest In Africa Kenya to learn more about what’s being done to provide this necessary support.

How Kenya plans to help its informal sector survive the COVID-19 crisis

The World Bank estimates that 95 per cent of Kenya’s businesses and entrepreneurs operate within the informal sector. Now as the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector is vulnerable and Enterprise Finance and Innovations Specialist, Duncan Oyaro shared his thoughts on how it can be protected.

Nigeria’s micro pension plan explained

Nigeria launched the micro pension plan late last month as the government aims to extend pension services to the informal sector. Niyi Falade, CEO of Crusader Sterling Pensions joins CNBC Africa to discuss the prospect of Nigeria’s micro-pension scheme.

Stokvels: The power of a collective

Thobela Mfeti | Glacier by Sanlam   The South African stokvel economy, with over 11 million local participants, is currently worth R49 billion. Stokvels are about “the power of a collective.” These individuals within...

Op-Ed: Informal economy remains Africa’s Eldorado

The World Bank estimates only 100 million of 450 million Africans will find stable jobs by 2035. Isn't it time to pay more attention to the informal sector?