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Why banking in a cashless society will require African solutions for African problems

The future of banking in Africa will be about solving genuine customer problems by harnessing innovation.

Here’s what Africans should do to be part of the era of disruption

According to John Sanei, innovation strategist and best-selling author, the era of disruption is 10-15 years away. This is how different it will be and what Africans need to be, to be part of it.

OpEd: How a focus on youth and women entrepreneurship can benefit agribusiness, livelihoods and create jobs

Agricultural innovation can strengthen the resilience of agri-food systems.

Ugandan Techpreneur nominated for innovation Price for Africa award

Uganda’s Techpreneur Abraham Natukunda is among the top 10 nominees for this year’s innovation Price for Africa. Abraham was nominated for his innovation; eNose – a sensor for tea processing. Natukunda joins CNBC Africa to share more.

Rwandans up for prestigious US$185,000 Innovation Prize

African Innovation Foundation recently announced nominees for this year’s innovation price for Africa. Organizers say the top 10 nominees reflect Pan African flavor of the awards with representation from north, west, East, central and southern Africa, including Madagascar. One of the nominees from Rwanda in the run for the prestigious US$185,000 Innovation Prize Henry Nyakarundi, Founder of African Renewable Energy Distributor joins CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Who is Monitoring the Economic Impact of Silicon Valley in Africa?

Does anyone know if Silicon Valley costs us more than it gains us?

OpEd: What is needed to get world to see Africa’s potential in order to attract investment in innovation

Africa has been innovating for centuries, but it has evolved over time.

Could innovation help boost Nigeria’s skincare businesses

The global beauty business is estimated at 382 billion dollars. Blondie Okpuzor, CEO and Founder of BathKandy Company joins CNBC Africa to discuss how innovation can help position Nigeria's skincare business.