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CBN injects $210mn into currency market

CBN injects $210mn into currency market

Nigeria's central bank to supply FX to retail clients at 20 pct above interbank rate

Thi is part of efforts to reduce a 40 percent premium paid for dollar on the black market.

Congo central bank injects $50 million into market to prop up franc

The bank injected $50 million into the market five times in 2016 and hiked interest rates but the franc continued to slide.

OPINION: The CBN – Shoot first think later

"We are therefore surprised by the sudden reversal in policy. The US$ liquidity position of the banks ... has progressively gotten worse."

Nigerian bank execs meet central bank over FX market suspension – sources

Bank executives meet with CBN after nine banks were suspended from foreign exchange transactions.

Nigeria central bank suspends nine banks from FX market – source

The suspension comes after the central bank tightened restrictions on the flow of dollars to domestic lenders in March.