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Agricultural Economist, Dr. Kirimi Sindi laments shortage of researchers in improvement of Agriculture in SSA

Agriculture in Africa is largely dependent on weather conditions and diseases which greatly affect productivity. While research is critical to addressing this, it’s not done effectively due to various reasons – Dr. Kirimi Sindi, Agricultural Economist and the country Manager at International Potato Center in Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.

International Potato Center launches initiative to tackle Vitamin A deficiency in East Africa

About 48 per cent of children in the sub-Saharan Africa are deficient in Vitamin A and orange fleshed sweet potato contains high levels of Vitamin A. The BioInnovate Africa Project through the International Potato Center (CIP) has launched a $750 thousand project that will expand the value chain of Orange Fleshed Sweet potato across the region. Tawanda Muzhingi, Food Scientist and Nutritional Biochemist at the International Potato Center joins CNBC Africa for more.

Potatoes: Winning ticket for African agriculture?

Ahead of the 11th Triennial Conference of the African Potato Association happening in Kigali this season, we spoke to World Food Prize Co-Laureate and Principal Scientist for the International Potato Center on how Sweet Potatoes and other varieties of the root vegetable could be the solution for many of Africa's food security and agricultural woes.