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How Africa’s youth can band together to tackle challenges amid COVID-19

Every year, on 12th of August, International Youth Day is celebrated globally to mark the paramount role of youth in the society, their strengths and their needs. This year under the theme “Youth Engagement for Global Action” it was reiterated that creating a conducive environment and opportunities for young people is important to shape their future so as to become innovators and successful social entrepreneurs. Mark Bryan Schreiner, UNFPA representative in Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.

SME100Africa on the role SMEs in tackling Africa’s unemployment crisis

The United Nations says the economic impact of COVID-19 is set to make the job market more challenging. The UN notes that traditional job creation will not be enough and the private sector can play a vital role in developing countries. As the world marks the International Youth Day, Charles Odii, Founder of SME100Africa joins CNBC Africa to discuss the role of SMEs in tackling Africa's job crisis.

Leap Africa on how to drive youth engagement for global action

The United Nations says this year’s International Youth Day celebration seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people can enrich national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced. Femi Taiwo, Executive Director of Leap Africa joins CNBC Africa to discuss the role of the youth in development.

The state of youth education in Africa

New research from UNESCO shows that the world is off course in meeting its education commitments for the sustainable development goals. This comes as the world marked the 2019 International Youth Day earlier this week, themed ‘Transforming Education’. To discuss the state of youth education in Africa, Femi Taiwo, Executive Director for Leap Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.