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S.Africa aims to choose company for nuclear project by year-end

Russian energy group Rosatom is a contender for South Africa's nuclear expansion project and the country will award the contract by the end of the year.

More than 60% chance of a global recession in the next 18 mnths – economist

Global growth is expected to slow down significantly in the coming months as borrowing levels dominate in both China and Europe and "Trump-mania" is set to fade, a chief economist at Danish investment firm Saxo Bank told CNBC on Monday.

Denuclearization a pipe dream? UN holds talks to ban nukes, but major powers don’t show up

Some of the world's biggest economies won't attend high-level negotiations aimed at banning nuclear weapons — an indicator that global denuclearization remains a distant dream. The United Nations (UN) kicks off a five-day...

How a possible Yellen departure could spark a fire under the Fed to cut its $4.5 trillion balance sheet

It's often said that good things come to those who wait — but a bloated $4.5 trillion balance sheet might be a notable exception to that rule. With the Federal Reserve facing a...