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Artificial Intelligence: What opportunities and challenges does it bring to East Africa?

The past couple of years has seen many exciting initiatives relating to Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and the overall Smart City movement develop. Concerns on issues such as job losses, security and ability to surpass human intelligence have been vocalized. Liliosa Muturi, Impact Manager at Samasource Kenya joins CNBC Africa for an understanding the impacts and potential of Artificial Intelligence in East Africa.

How the Internet of Things will transform Africa

As the race towards the 4th Industrial Revolution intensifies, Africa is looking to Internet of Things to accelerate industrialization in different spectrum. Joining CNBC Africa for more on how IoT stand to transform Africa is Anu Shah, Founder and CEO EFI Hub.

Six key charts that show how far SA is in embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to the research, many South Africa companies are poised to embrace emerging technologies like robotics, the internet of things, big data and machine learning.

How IoT will pave the way for sustainable development

How IoT will pave the way for sustainable development

Why you will no longer need passwords in 2018

Why you will no longer need passwords in 2018

Op-Ed: How Artificial Intelligence can outsmart cybercrime

By 2018, two thirds of corporate networks will experience an Internet of Things security breach.

L'Oreal just created a smart brush that 'listens' to hair, recommends treatments

Beauty giant L'Oreal has launched a "smart" internet-connected hairbrush that analyses users' hair type and recommends products accordingly.

Telkom to unveil 4.5G mobile technology at SATNAC

The wide range of technical topics to be discussed at SATNAC, will take delegates deep into the future of the information technology sector.