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Interswitch explores Blockchain for supply chain financing

Interswitch is exploring a blockchain-based supply chain financing service in partnership with Microsoft Azure that aims to digitise the process between corporates and banks when providing trade financing to entrepreneurs and business owners in the Supply Chain sector. Akeem Lawal, Divisional Chief Executive Officer, Payment Processing at Interswitch, joins CNBC Africa for more insight on this platform.

Azimo partners Interswitch to improve financial inclusion

CNBC’s Kenneth Igbomor caught up with Micheal Kent, CEO Azimo to discuss how collaboration can deepen the digital financial services space in Nigeria.

Online sports betting is booming in soccer-mad Nigeria, here’s why

In 2016, there were 14 million web payments worth a total 132 billion naira ($420 million). Transactions leapt to 29 million worth 185 billion in 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018 there were nearly 10 million worth 61 billion.

Expert urges Nigeria to help start-ups grow

Expert urges Nigeria to help start-ups grow