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Experts share their best advice for making your first investment

It’s easier today than ever to invest; new technologies and a host of digital wealth managers have opened up entry into lower-risk investments from anywhere in the world. CNBC Make It spoke to some experts to find out their top tips for getting started.

Alfred Hanning on why financial education is key to bridging financial exclusion gap

The need for Africa to invest in research and data collection continues to lead the conversation on how best we can include the marginalised excluded groups on the continent. On how to overcome these challenges, Dr. Alfred Hanning, Executive Director of Alliance for Financial Inclusion joins CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera for more.

Here’s how Japan plans to drive Africa investment

Japan's Prime Minister says the government will do its utmost so that their private-sector investment in Africa will be expanded continuously.

Self-made millionaire: 6 biggest money lies young people need to stop telling themselves

This self-made millionaire says you’re in control of your own finances — and the sooner you internalize that, the sooner you can start to go on the offense. The first step is to acknowledge some of the biggest money lies young people tell themselves.

Self-made millionaire: This is the greatest paradox of wealth—and most people fail to recognize it

Change is a constant and continuous process in life. As we grow older, we change how we dress, what we eat, where we live and who we become friends with. Yet when it comes to how we use our time and money ― especially for high earners and wealthy individuals ― we tend to be more resistant to change.

South Africa’s Vodacom to invest more than $589 million on network enhancements, what you need to know

South African mobile phone operator Vodacom Group will spend more than 9 billion rand ($589 million) this year on network enhancements particularly in rural areas in its home market.

Is African cattle investment the new cash cow? Here’s how investors are cashing in…

Cattle have long been considered a measure of wealth across Africa - but it is not just farmers cashing in.

Former NBA star Shaq: As soon as I started investing like Jeff Bezos, ‘I probably quadrupled what I’m worth’

Since retiring from his 19-year basketball career in 2011, Shaquille O’Neal has seen just as much success off the court: He was an early investor in Google and has since accumulated an impressive portfolio.